About FMA

Food, Mood and Attitude (FMA) is not another boring website about weight loss. You will not see any promotion of mainstream weight loss diets, gadgets or pills on this blog.

Instead, FMA promotes positive ways to have a healthy relationship with food, your mind and body.

Good health for the mind and body will not be achieved by the mainstream approach to health and wellbeing, which is to punish yourself with constant diets that don’t work that leave you with ongoing food battles, poor body image and low self-esteem.

FMA aims to provide you with:

  • Helpful resources about where you can get great information on nutrition, psychology and non-dieting alternatives
  • Tips on how to change the way you think and relate to food
  • Ideas on how to maintain your sanity in a world that promotes ‘looking good’ over ‘feeling good’
  • Healthy Recipe ideas

FMA covers topics such as:

  • Breaking free from constant dieting
  • Non-dieting alternatives
  • Emotional eating
  • Mindful eating
  • Body image
  • Discovering foods that boost mood
  • Exploring new habits to change the way to buy, prepare and eat food
  • Mental health and nutrition
  • Healthy and sensible eating habits
  • Media reporting on obesity, weight loss and diets
  • Food allergies
  • Food addiction
  • Anything else relating to food, mood or attitude…….

How to get more from this blog:

  • Check out the FMA PRODUCTS page for recommended books, programs, links and videos. I have spent a lot of time seeking out high quality products and I only recommend products that I have used/watched/purchased or experienced.
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  • If you would like to hear more about a certain topic, please contact me! I welcome any comments on posts and emails from readers.

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