How Much Time Is Wasted By Dieting?

Almost two decades of my life was spent going on never-ending diets in search of the Holy Grail of weight loss so I could acquire the body of a supermodel and live life happily ever after. I finally stopped this insane cycle after realizing the damage it was causing and decided I did not want to spend the rest of my life being obsessed with weight loss and being a certain size and shape. In the process of breaking free from the dieting trap, I have wondered how much time I have wasted thinking about diets, food, my body and weight loss and what I could have done differently with my time. Continue reading How Much Time Is Wasted By Dieting?

Boost Your Mood With Colour


I love this photo I took of a rainbow lorikeet in my garden. They are such colourful birds and it reminds me that a colourful life is a vibrant and vital life. Colour is often symbolic and associated with life values and needs. For example, red is often associated with passion, pink with love, blue with peace or purple with magic and meditation. What colour means and brings to your life is different for everyone. Continue reading Boost Your Mood With Colour

Mindlessly Eating My Stress Away

I sat down for dinner a couple of nights ago and half way through dinner I realized that I was shoveling food down as if there was no tomorrow. That’s just my way of saying I was eating mindlessly and oblivious to the taste, sight, smell and texture of the food. After a couple of deep breaths I started to eat more slowly so I could enjoy the experience of eating. That also gave me thinking space to reflect on what was happening and I realized that I was eating mindlessly as I was feeling frazzled after a stressful week! Furthermore, although mindful comfort eating can be a way of coping with stress, I noticed that mindless comfort eating was not very self soothing and seemed to heighten the experience of stress.

Continue reading Mindlessly Eating My Stress Away

Stirring Up Trouble

Did you know that the ‘proper’ way to stir your cup of tea is in a north-east to south-westerly direction, without touching the sides of the cup? According to today’s newspaper, this information is being provided to guests going to the upcoming royal nuptials. As the Royal Wedding nears, much focus is being placed on having appropriate social mannerisms and etiquette classes have gained in popularity. Continue reading Stirring Up Trouble