The Right Way To Achieve Your Dreams

I was inspired to write this post after seeing the documentary ‘Night Rider’, which is about Mark Visser, a Sunshine Coast big wave surfer who achieved an amazing, never-been-done before feat of surfing massive waves off Hawaii at night. In the documentary, Mark spoke about the obstacles (of which there were many!) that came before him and how he maintained his passion to achieve his goal. I found myself comparing the documentary with another ‘documentary’ of sorts on achieving goals, called ‘The Secret’. Continue reading The Right Way To Achieve Your Dreams

Boost Your Mood With Colour


I love this photo I took of a rainbow lorikeet in my garden. They are such colourful birds and it reminds me that a colourful life is a vibrant and vital life. Colour is often symbolic and associated with life values and needs. For example, red is often associated with passion, pink with love, blue with peace or purple with magic and meditation. What colour means and brings to your life is different for everyone. Continue reading Boost Your Mood With Colour