Mindlessly Eating My Stress Away

I sat down for dinner a couple of nights ago and half way through dinner I realized that I was shoveling food down as if there was no tomorrow. That’s just my way of saying I was eating mindlessly and oblivious to the taste, sight, smell and texture of the food. After a couple of deep breaths I started to eat more slowly so I could enjoy the experience of eating. That also gave me thinking space to reflect on what was happening and I realized that I was eating mindlessly as I was feeling frazzled after a stressful week! Furthermore, although mindful comfort eating can be a way of coping with stress, I noticed that mindless comfort eating was not very self soothing and seemed to heighten the experience of stress.

As stress increases, our awareness into how we are feeling and our insight into our behavior seems to decrease. Added to that as stress increases, any self care strategies we would normally use to look after ourselves tend to decrease. So effectively when we’re stressed, we’re not recognizing that we’re stressed and not doing anything to manage the stress until it reaches a critical point when we sit up and take some notice. That’s something I’ve observed in myself and others. While not all mindless eating is stress-related, if you find yourself eating mindlessly, perhaps it is a good idea to just ask yourself, “How am I today?” or “Is anything bugging me?” As simple as it sounds, when I’m shoveling food down, I’m fairly oblivious to my emotional state until I take a deep breath or two, step back, reflect and observe what’s going on. Only then can I connect with how I am feeling and what is really bothering me.

After checking in to see what the problem is, I might be in a better position to work out a plan of action to manage the source of stress. If there is no immediate or obvious way to manage the source of stress or it’s hard to identify what the problem is, then I could ask “What do I need to do to look after myself?” Although it had been a stressful week, I did not consciously make any extra effort to engage in any type of self caring activity. That would only have occurred if I had ‘checked in’ with how I was feeling and determined that I needed some extra love and care. We typically ask people we love and strangers all the time, ‘How are you?’, so it makes sense to me to ask the same question of ourselves on a regular basis.  After that we can determine whether we need that extra bit of love and self care.

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Suzanne is the owner of Food, Mood and Attitude. Suzanne is passionate about sharing healthy messages about how we relate to food and our bodies. Life is too short too worry about big bums and diets that don't work.

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Suzanne is the owner of Food, Mood and Attitude. Suzanne is passionate about sharing healthy messages about how we relate to food and our bodies. Life is too short too worry about big bums and diets that don't work.

4 thoughts on “Mindlessly Eating My Stress Away”

  1. Mindfulness is so important for balance.

    I know that some days everything can seem overwhelming and you feel like you are constantly running behind. You know those days that you get to the end and realise that although you worked your butt off, you have nothing to show for it.

    By taking the time to be mindful while you have something to eat, or something to drink, or go for a walk, then it gives your mind a moment to slow down, refocus, and become more aware of your surroundings as well as your feelings.

    This is the time that you start to realise what actually needs to be done, what should be done and what you want to actually achieve for the day.

    But that’s always easy to realise at the end of the day, however I think with practise, mindfulness can become a habit, and certainly it starts with being mindful of the simple things like eating.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Thanks for your comments David! With today’s quick pace of life, many people are so busy rushing around and that includes eating too quickly without a second thought! Taking time to breath and relax is so important and you can easily make mindfulness a habit just by starting to take a a few moments each day.

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