Suzanne’s Real Food Goals for 2012

Happy New Year to all! Every year I like to make new resolutions to challenge myself throughout the year.  In 2012 I have decided to embrace the following three goals:

My real food goals for 2012 include:

Any food purchases will be made at local shops and markets rather than big chain supermarkets for the next 365 days.

I will only eat food that is prepared at home (unless I’m going out socially!).

I will not diet, try to lose weight or weigh myself for the next 365 days.

Why would I make goals such as these?

  • I want to get back to food basics, such as eating wholesome fresh and local foods. I have a craving for real, fresh nutritious food. Big chain supermarkets primarily sell tasteless, chemically sprayed fruit and vegetables and processed foods.  Fresh, tasteful food is best!
  • If I prepare my own food as much as possible, I might save some money $$$$$. 
  • To stop food wastage. I seem to buy too much food and not use it, primarily because I end up buying lunch after being too disorganised to find time to make my own food. Food wastage must stop now.
  • My food choices will be healthier. I always eat more wholesome foods when I prepare my own food, rather than buying pre-made food from a shop.
  • It’s better for the environment. Locally grown foods reduce the carbon footprint as the food isn’t transported for miles. If everyone bought more local based products it would benefit the local community, the environment and one’s health. Although I will buy the odd health based product that comes from interstate or overseas, in general I will mainly purchase local and seasonally fresh foods.
  • It’s better for the local community. As I will be buying more from local suppliers, it naturally will benefit the local community.
  • I will hopefully inspire others to stop dieting and obsessively thinking about weight loss.  It is better to eat more local, fresh and real food to support one’s mental and physical health, the environment and the local community.
  • I want to change habits slowly and sustainably rather than apply a quick magical fix. Quick fixes don’t work for me or for most people. Diets don’t work as the diet expects unrealistic and unsustainable changes of habits.
  • I don’t want to be tempted by the confectionary aisle at the supermarket!

What has inspired me to work on these goals?

The inspiration for making these goals has come from two sources. Firstly, I saw Jill Chivers speak at an event last year. Jill went a whole year without clothes shopping to break free from compulsive shopping. You can check out her website by clicking here. I wondered what changes I could make with habits that were no longer serving me.

Secondly, I saw an amazing documentary based on a town called Totnes in England. As a result of concerns about rising fuel prices, economic uncertainty and climate change, the people of Totnes established a number of community based projects to address these issues. I was inspired by the way the local community was working together and it has made me want to support local services, suppliers and programs, rather than big chain superstores. I really recommend checking out Transition Towns for more information about how to support your local community and get involved in these changes! You can click on the link to Transition Town Totnes here. Further information can be found at the UK based Transition Network site (click here) and the Australian based transition town initiatives can be found by clicking here.

So what specifically am I going to do in 2012?

  • Buy food from smaller, more local suppliers, where possible, not from big chain supermarkets.
  • Try and grow my own food.
  • Buy personal care and cleaning products from health or environmentally conscious suppliers, rather than supermarkets.
  • Buy pre-made cooked food on social occasions, such as lunch with a friend etc.
  • Not diet, weigh myself or engage in fat talk.
  • Embrace exercise to improve my physical and mental wellbeing, not for how much weight it will help me lose….
  • Not be a perfectionist about the whole adventure and will not give myself a hard time if I happen to wander into a supermarket!

I plan to blog about my progress and you can find all blog posts on my real food diary by clicking on the “Suzanne’s Real Food Diary” category tab.

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Suzanne is the owner of Food, Mood and Attitude. Suzanne is passionate about sharing healthy messages about how we relate to food and our bodies. Life is too short too worry about big bums and diets that don't work.

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Suzanne is the owner of Food, Mood and Attitude. Suzanne is passionate about sharing healthy messages about how we relate to food and our bodies. Life is too short too worry about big bums and diets that don't work.

8 thoughts on “Suzanne’s Real Food Goals for 2012”

  1. Hi Suzanne , great post!

    I agree that the whole mindset around dieting, food and body image is so distorted and unhealthy in the West. This morning I entered the word beauty into Google images to find images for my blogs and I found all these super-“processed” images of models who looked anything but beautiful to me. They looked commercialized, plastic and fake but not beautiful. So I entered the words “beautiful scenery” instead.

    I love your goals for healthy eating in 2012… I want to think more healthy about body image and body weight too, but I am aware that I struggle with this one.

    Lots of love

    1. Thanks Nessie! I just tried that Google search and I see what you mean. Many of those images look like they have been airbrushed and just don’t look real. I find it quite shocking (even though I probably shouldn’t be surprised) that those images come up when you search for beauty. When I think of beauty, I tend to think more about beautiful scenery or beautiful things that people do for each other. Surely that’s what beauty is?

      You would be among a very small minority of people, if you didn’t struggle with body image and body weight issues. Whenever I see survey results on body image, the results generally find that the vast majority of people are unhappy with their appearance. It’s no wonder given the constant exposure to unrealistic images in magazines!

  2. Love this post Suzanne…My family eats whole food (approx 90/10) and we buy from the Noosa Organic Markets every week and top up at the Natural Foodstore and avoid the big supermarkets as much as possible (just the occasional top up required). We try to live by the rule “if your Grandmother can’t grow it, bake it, cook it, pronounce it or recognize it, then best to avoid it”. Not my rule – and that is the abridged version so I can’t remember who said it first. I love your idea of shopping locally where you can’t at the markets to support local produce suppliers, and think that it is great that Jill’s concept can come across to food and other aspects of daily life. I think Cyndi O’Meara would like that you are changing habits slowly too. Good luck with it!

    1. Thanks Donna! The great thing about living on the Sunshine Coast is that there are quite a few local markets that we can go to. The Natural Foodstore is one of my favourites and I also go to the Big Pineapple markets. Between those two that’s most of my shopping done. So my goal to avoid supermarkets for the year may be a challenge but I think it’s a realistic challenge. I like your rule to live by!

  3. Awesome post! I am working on the same things this year myself so it will be nice to follow along with you and your quest.

  4. Suzanne,
    This is such an awesome challenge to take on. You will definately save money, be healthier, and benefit the environment and your local community. Hopefully, you will be motivated to take the next step and grow you own food. I wish you all the best as you complete this challenge.
    Tony recently posted..A house with no mortgageMy Profile

    1. Hi Tony

      I am hoping to try and grow some of my own food this year, which will be a huge challenge for me as I don’t have a green thumb or any gardening knowledge whatsoever! Nothing beats home grown food though!

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