Top Ten Reasons To Shop At Farmers’ Markets

I started going to my local Farmer’s markets last year and food shopping is now no longer a chore, it’s an enjoyable experience that I look forward to. I am fortunate to live on the Sunshine Coast where there is access to a few farmers markets in the local area.

Here are my top ten reasons why I like to shop at Farmer’s markets:

 Outdoor shopping experience: Shopping in the fresh air is a more pleasurable experience than trying to navigate the aisles of a supermarket with a trolley that seems to want to move in a diagonal direction when I’m trying to push it forward. It’s relaxing to do your shopping outdoors and you can make a social excursion of it! Continue reading Top Ten Reasons To Shop At Farmers’ Markets

Stirring Up Trouble

Did you know that the ‘proper’ way to stir your cup of tea is in a north-east to south-westerly direction, without touching the sides of the cup? According to today’s newspaper, this information is being provided to guests going to the upcoming royal nuptials. As the Royal Wedding nears, much focus is being placed on having appropriate social mannerisms and etiquette classes have gained in popularity. Continue reading Stirring Up Trouble