Is ‘Fat’ A Politically Incorrect Word?

I don’t like hearing about political correctness. Whenever I hear this expression in the media it’s usually as a result of someone deciding that a word or song that has been used for decades is suddenly offensive to a minority group and must be banned. The complaint about the “offensive” expression usually doesn’t even come from the minority group.

Examples of such political incorrectness are:

1. “Merry Christmas” should be expressed as “Seasons’ Greetings”.

2. “Fairy Penguins” are now known as “Little Penguins” (in order not to offend the gay community). Continue reading Is ‘Fat’ A Politically Incorrect Word?

Is Diet Deprivation All In Our Heads?

Deprivation is a key factor why diets don’t work. Abruptly taking away foods that you love, can lead to obsessive thoughts about the food and eventually those thoughts lead to action  and madly devouring the beloved food in a frenzied attack. In my history of dieting, I have started many diets that left me so hungry and absolutely craving something I loved to eat  because I told myself it was banned for good. It was on the ‘do not have’ list of food items or was one of those foods that you must ‘eliminate’ or ‘avoid’, if you were to succeed. Being  somewhat a perfectionist, I took that to literally mean forever and if I strayed I would of course, blame myself for failing to have the willpower to manage the diet and generally felt  very frustrated and demotivated. Thus, one diet ended and after a period of time this would eventually be followed by another diet with the misguided hope that this time I would  finally succeed in my weight loss endeavours. Continue reading Is Diet Deprivation All In Our Heads?

The Agony of Diet Deprivation

The following video is highly amusing but it does highlight what happens when you restrict your favourite foods……you spend the rest of your day in mental torture trying to convince yourself to either have your favourite food or not to have it. It’s no wonder diets rarely work! If you tell yourself you can’t have your favourite food, it automatically becomes more appealing. That’s why I ate more chocolate when on a diet than off a diet!