Is ‘Fat’ A Politically Incorrect Word?

I don’t like hearing about political correctness. Whenever I hear this expression in the media it’s usually as a result of someone deciding that a word or song that has been used for decades is suddenly offensive to a minority group and must be banned. The complaint about the “offensive” expression usually doesn’t even come from the minority group.

Examples of such political incorrectness are:

1. “Merry Christmas” should be expressed as “Seasons’ Greetings”.

2. “Fairy Penguins” are now known as “Little Penguins” (in order not to offend the gay community). Continue reading Is ‘Fat’ A Politically Incorrect Word?

End The Fat Talk

I found this thought provoking video online which I thought I’d share. Do you find yourself using fat talk? Fat talk can mean different things to each person.

To me, fat talk can vary from the obvious self-esteem reducing self talk to much more subtle fat talk. Typical examples of fat talk questions or statements are:

“Does my bum look big in this?”

“I’ll do _____________ (fill in the blank) once I’ve lost weight”.

“Have you lost weight?”

If you find yourself making comments such as these, it’s a good idea to ask yourself whether that sort of talk is really going to promote wellbeing or is it going to keep you trapped in a diet mentality.

Enjoy the video!