What is Dragon Fruit?

I was shopping at my local health food store and I came across a box of bright, almost fluorescent, pink fruit that beckoned to me to come closer. Naturally curious, I could not resist buying one so I could find out more about it. One of the great things about not shopping for food at mainstream supermarkets (one of my real food resolutions for 2012) is discovering new foods. So today’s blog post is to talk about one of the new foods I’ve discovered – dragon fruit. Continue reading What is Dragon Fruit?

Real Food Resolutions: Three Week Review

It’s about three weeks into 2012 and normally by this time most resolutions made at the start of a new year, although made in good faith, have fallen by the wayside. I heard recently that after three weeks into a new year the majority of people have abandoned their goals. I’m sure that most people are motivated and inspired to reach new goals for the first two weeks but by the third week the reality that some effort needs to be applied to achieve a goal might just be a bit much! The good news is that since today is the start of Chinese New Year, it offers another opportunity to revive those abandoned resolutions! Woo hoo! Continue reading Real Food Resolutions: Three Week Review