Top Ten Reasons To Shop At Farmers’ Markets

I started going to my local Farmer’s markets last year and food shopping is now no longer a chore, it’s an enjoyable experience that I look forward to. I am fortunate to live on the Sunshine Coast where there is access to a few farmers markets in the local area.

Here are my top ten reasons why I like to shop at Farmer’s markets:

 Outdoor shopping experience: Shopping in the fresh air is a more pleasurable experience than trying to navigate the aisles of a supermarket with a trolley that seems to want to move in a diagonal direction when I’m trying to push it forward. It’s relaxing to do your shopping outdoors and you can make a social excursion of it!

Discovering new foods:  You can buy Kale (considered a super food), purple carrots (yes, they exist and have more antioxidants than the orange ones!) and other goodies that you don’t get at a supermarket.

Supporting the local community: I would rather support a local farmer and food producer over a big chain supermarket. If you have any concerns about the food, you can ask questions directly to those who have produced it.

There are no confectionary aisles: I’m not surrounded by displays for lollies and chocolate everywhere I look.  I don’t have to be subjected to the latest woman’s magazine at the counter telling me why losing weight is easy and why I’d look sexier if I was a size zero (doesn’t size zero mean the person has vanished?).

Food tastes better. Unlike supermarkets, food at Farmers Markets is not grown so it will look good on shelves. Taste is not sacrificed for looks. I’d rather have tastier food than good looking food any day!

Food is cheaper. I have been surprised at how cheap some of the food is at farmers’ markets. While I haven’t done a thorough cost comparison, I am sure that you can at least buy some food at farmer’s markets cheaper than at a supermarket. If you buy direct from the source, food is more likely to be cheaper.

It’s good for the environment. Some people may argue that the accuracy of this claim is dubious.  However, the food has not been hauled for miles to get to the markets as it’s produced locally.

Avoid shopping trolley rage. I have never been a ‘victim’ of shopping trolley rage but if I don’t go to the supermarket I will no longer be at risk of being subjected to this. Never heard of trolley rage? The videos below explain what it is (the first video probably needs to come with a warning that it may offend!).

Food is healthier.  Unlike supermarkets, the fruit and vegetables are fresh, in season and picked when they are ripe. The food has not been stored in freezers for months. You can buy organic produce that is free from pesticides.

Friendlier service. Service seems easier and friendlier when you are dealing with the farmers and the food producers directly.

In summary, food shopping at farmer’s markets is a more enjoyable experience than the supermarket! If you haven’t been to a farmer’s market before, I recommend just going to see what you think of this shopping experience. If you have you been to a farmer’s market, feel free to leave a comment about what your experience has been!

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Suzanne is the owner of Food, Mood and Attitude. Suzanne is passionate about sharing healthy messages about how we relate to food and our bodies. Life is too short too worry about big bums and diets that don't work.

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Suzanne is the owner of Food, Mood and Attitude. Suzanne is passionate about sharing healthy messages about how we relate to food and our bodies. Life is too short too worry about big bums and diets that don't work.

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons To Shop At Farmers’ Markets”

  1. Suzanne,

    All very good reasons for markets, especially the kale. Not supporting the unfresh people is a my no 1 reason. See you at the markets.


  2. I love shopping at Farmers Markets and I think it’s mainly because of the atmosphere surrounding them. The stall holders are, as you mentioned, all friendly and only too happy to inform you of the benefits of their products and how you can incorporate them into your usual diet. The other thing I love at my Farmers Market is the Coffe and Date loaf from the local bakery – Yummo!!
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